China Hi-Tech Fair 2018 – An Overview

In the latest episode of the annual China Hi-Tech Fair held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, almost six companies from Pakistan participated. China Hi-Tech Fair marks itself as China’s biggest technology trade show and IT exhibition which features next generation information technology and advanced manufacturing products and techniques. The fair opened its gates for the companies and general attendees on Wednesday, November 14. The companies were shortlisted by Pakistan Software Export Board for participating in the fair.

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Distributed Health 2018 – A Summary

Last week, Lin Wan and I attended the largest conference dedicated to blockchain in healthcare, Distributed Health, which took place in Nashville, TN on Nov. 5 and 6.  Learned, saw and heard a lot – from keynotes to company pitches to hallway conversations, so as I reflect back, here are some of my observations.

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ITCN Asia 2018 – The Whole Picture

ITCN Asia 2018 has been one successful journey and the representatives of Stella Technology had the chance to meet many renowned regional and local bodies. It is one of the biggest IT events which provides the opportunity to showcase the products and services of various brands. This year it was held at Karachi Expo Center and many famous organizations displayed their works and state-of-art products.

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Stella Technology Participates in ITCN Asia 2018, Karachi

ITCN Asia marks itself as the biggest information technology and telecom show in Pakistan. You will find many regional and local suppliers and brands showcasing their products and services in this phenomenal exhibition. Continue reading

P@SHA ICT Awards 2018 – Stella Equinox In The Limelight

The Pakistan Software House Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA) held its 15thannual award ceremony on Friday, September 7, 2018, at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad.  Pakistan’s Minister of IT and Technology, Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, presided over the celebration, which honours innovative work in the rapidly advancing world of technology and IT. Continue reading

Launch of New Stella Technology PK Website

Stella Technology has been all revamped and renewed. We officially have launched our website with the latest design and extensive features. You can now get all the information you have ever wanted on this updated website. To provide a whole new wide user experience, Continue reading

Stella Equinox Shortlisted For P@SHA ICT Awards 2018

Stella Technology has been honoured in the industry many times for its adept solutions, accessible products and top-notch services. Stella Equinox has been recognized as one of our brilliant solutions and is admired by users locally and all around the globe. Continue reading

Stella Equinox – A Product of Stella Technology

In the world of Healthcare IT, Stella Equinox has emerged as a lodestar. It comprises of extensive features and specifications which has enabled swift and easy communication between the physician and the patient. Ease of access has been provided to all the end users. Continue reading

NIZAM and Stella Technology Collaboration – The Stella Equinox Rubric

Stella Equinox is well known as a benevolent solution which has been designed to make the lives and the process easier. Both the physicians and the patients can be seen getting benefitted from this ostensible project. After reviewing the features and specifications of our portal, Continue reading