NIZAM and Stella Technology Collaboration – The Stella Equinox Rubric

Stella Equinox is well known as a benevolent solution which has been designed to make the lives and the process easier. Both the physicians and the patients can be seen getting benefitted from this ostensible project. After reviewing the features and specifications of our portal,

NIZAM has shown satisfaction and believed in the solution. We therefore, are pleased to announce our successful collaboration with Dr. Arshad Mehmood (CEO of NIZAM) who has chosen to go ahead with our services for his clinic.

NIZAM is well known to provide treatment and remedies for diabetes. Due to the practice of the doctor being in Islamabad, it was cumbersome for him to cover certain areas within a week. Patients in his village used to wait for his visit to get themselves treated. Stella Equinox has put an end to this tiresome cycle for both the physician and the patient. By using this medical facility, the patients can visit the nearest medical center biweekly. They have shown utter satisfaction and relief as a result of this product introduction.

NIZAM envisions to open around 200 health facilities by the end of this year in interior Punjab. Stella Equinox has provided them ease of access to provide basic relief and other facilities to the deprived. We are looking for a healthy business partnership and hopefully, the collaboration will open up broader visions down the road for both organizations.