Stella Equinox Shortlisted For P@SHA ICT Awards 2018

Stella Technology has been honoured in the industry many times for its adept solutions, accessible products and top-notch services. Stella Equinox has been recognized as one of our brilliant solutions and is admired by users locally and all around the globe. It has various scalable features which completely implements the web practice management. The thing which makes it stand out the crowd is that it delivers what it has been promising to.

Every year, P@SHA ICT Awards are held which is actually a trade association. It represents the IT sector of Pakistan and holds annual ceremonies. The P@SHA ICT Awards are held every year and honour the services and products presented by any IT organization. Start-ups are also appreciated. Stella Equinox has been honoured to take part in P@SHA ICT Awards 2018. Appreciating the concept and usability of our product, we have successfully been shortlisted for the winners 2018.

In a challenging environment, where products strive to sustain and revive, Stella Equinox has held the honour of being vivid and competing against the odds. The users of Stella Equinox have shown complete and utter satisfaction after using our top-notch product. This is the fruit of the belief the customers have shown in Stella Equinox and we are the proud owners.

The award ceremony is due to be held on September 7, 2018, at Serena Hotel, Islamabad and we currently lie among the top two positions. Stella Technology has got its fingers crossed and we hope to clinch this one and pave paths towards a successful patronage.