Stella Technology Participates in ITCN Asia 2018, Karachi

ITCN Asia marks itself as the biggest information technology and telecom show in Pakistan. You will find many regional and local suppliers and brands showcasing their products and services in this phenomenal exhibition.

Tech goons and giants put up their best to exhibit the works of their lives. ITCN Asia stands out the crowd because it provides you the opportunity for business to business alliances which can boost up the scope of your work.

Being the leader provider for the most innovative telehealth and telemedicine products, Stella Technology proudly took part in this massive exhibit for IT products. Stella owns resplendent products like Equinox, Prism and iQHD which have succeeded to grab the attention of the physicians and the data scientists.

Data professionals and honorable ministers privileged us by visiting our booth at the ITCN Asia 2018. Minister for Information Technology, Dr. Khalid Maqbool, visited us to explore out ways to make Pakistan progress in the world of technology and medicine. Day 1 at ITCN Asia has been quite productive for Stella Technology and our products. Interaction with the decision makers of the telehealth industry has made it count. Appreciating the efforts put up to build these exclusive products, the industrialists have shown interest in the products and services offered by Stella Technology.


ITCN Asia is attended annually by a number of data scientists. Our products are patient-focused which enable easy access to the users by making communication paths stronger and swift.