ITCN Asia 2018 – The Whole Picture

ITCN Asia 2018 has been one successful journey and the representatives of Stella Technology had the chance to meet many renowned regional and local bodies. It is one of the biggest IT events which provides the opportunity to showcase the products and services of various brands. This year it was held at Karachi Expo Center and many famous organizations displayed their works and state-of-art products.

Stella Technology had the absolute chance of interacting with many professionals of the healthcare industry. We were proud to showcase our products like Equinox, Prism and iQHD and the authorities did take interest and appreciate the precious efforts of Stella team to make this happen. Inspired by the idea, post-summit sessions were held in which the prospects understood the functionalities and properties of the solution better.

Many prospects reached out to us and wanted to explore more about the functionalities and working of our products. ITCN Asia had been one successful event for Equinox and people had queued up to know more about the blockchain technology we have embedded in our products. The team also attended the blockchain session held at Karachi Expo Center which will enable us to do the improvements in the current system and will facilitate the users to the best. Many technical and non-technical delegates have been attracted by the presence of block technology in the solution. Our team interacted with the concerned persons to educate them about the possible use and scope of blockchain in near future.

After ITCN Asia, the interested clients had separate sessions with our team. They appreciated the efforts of the team to point and fill out the gap in the industry which can benefit us in the longer run. The response of the ones coming around the specifications of the products was overwhelming. The industry is looking upon further improvements which can lead to a progressive and flourishing industry because at the end of the day, everyone is getting benefited.