Roadshow by PHF and Stella Equinox – Lahore Chapter

Punjab Health Foundation also known as PHF has been quite mettlesome in promoting the healthcare industry within Pakistan. As a catalyst to their efforts, they have successfully initiated the journey of Roadshows within the country. This step has been initiated for the awareness of the people about the efforts of the government in promoting the medical domain. The campaign portends the purpose of the government bodies to boost their initiatives taken to promote healthcare industry.

The journey of the process began with the inauguration of this roadshow map in Lahore on November 18 at PC Hotel. Provincial minister for primary and secondary healthcare, Dr. Yasmin Rashid was the honorable chief guest of this event. Nationwide many organizations took part in this roadshow to exhibit their state of art products. Stella Technology was also a prime part of this roadshow where we exhibited the features, specifications and benefits of our lodestar product, Stella Equinox.

After the speech conducted by the Health minister, she individually visited all the showcasing by all the organizations and appreciated their efforts in improving healthcare paradigm within the country. She came across Stella Equinox and praised the efforts of our organizations in promoting basic healthcare needs especially in the rural areas where facilities aren’t easily accessible. The show turned out to be a success with the visitors and authorities investing their special interest in our product. A day later, provincial health minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid’s comments on our product further stimulated the appreciation stands for Stella Equinox.

Punjab Health Foundation has planned to conduct such comprehensive events in other cities of Pakistan as well where the companies will be given a fair chance to spread awareness about their Avant-grade products and the ways they can benefit the organization in fostering the medical growth within the nation.