Musings from Africa Health Expo 2019

With the advancements in the world of healthcare and medicine, healthcare providers and other users are moving a step closer to this revolutionary field. Smart technology is been used for healthcare products and systems to bring care anywhere in the world. In order to promote the innovations in the health care industry around the globe, the healthcare community gathers kinetically to share the advancements.

Stella Technology attended the recent Health Expo 2019 organized in Gallagher Convention Center, Johannesburg. It was a sheer amalgamation of many businesses with their versatile tools in the field of healthcare and medicine. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the companies have strengthened their solutions digitally. Stella Technology showcased many of state-of-art products majorly featuring Stella Equinox and Stella Prism.


The visitors appreciated the mettlesome efforts invested in by Stella Technology in the field of telemedicine and digital health. Going thoroughly through the details of the products, Stella Equinox and Stella Prism were highly appreciated. This is surely an important innovation to digitize the world of healthcare by building a healthcare connected network. By bringing healthcare providers and patients on one platform, Equinox provides ease of access to the users. With some efficient efforts put in by our team, we focus on enhancing interoperability and communication within the states and between the states.

The interaction drew the keen interest of many visitors and business owners which wanted to step in the same field of telemedicine and smart health. We believe we have made a difference in this ever changing world but we are still capable to do so much more. Stella Technology has a lot of items on the to do list and such healthcare exhibitions encourage you to turn them into reality.