DocEasy – The Pioneer Digital Healthcare Venture

Press Release: August 30, 2019 – In order to disrupt the healthcare industry indicators, Stella Technology has joined hands with Prof. Dr. Rafiq Khanani and Naeem Ilyas for a venture called DocEasy. Both of them are the serial entrepreneurs of the project backed by a strong technological arm of Stella Technology.

Conventional health care in Pakistan or in any country require a lot of investments for capital budgeting items such as land, building, equipment and then operational budgets to afloat health operations. Governance is still a big challenge and health care is more frequently encountered and identified ghost health care facilities and health care providers too.

To overcome such a big challenge, good governance and fraction of budget should be used to improve health care indicators in Pakistan to boost health related sustainable development goals. DocEasy fulfills the healthcare requirements for the less privileged in Pakistan by providing them the opportunity to collaborate and connect with peers to enhance their professional development. Dr. Rafiq and Naeem Ilyas signed the contract with Stella Technology on their recent visit to Islamabad. Stella Technology just celebrated their 3rd anniversary which involved the guests from Karachi, South Africa and their technical team from USA. CTO, Stella Technology, Lin Wan was also present at the contract signing between two parties.

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After the successful closure of the annual event, Stella Technology and DocEasy joined hands to ensure the initiation of clinical upgrade around the country. The vision highlights the healthcare priorities for Pakistan by providing a better understanding for digital healthcare awareness. Currently, both of the organizations are moving ahead to facilitate the users with better and prompt healthcare solutions. DocEasy is easily available on all gadgets. You can get its web version along with the mobile application. Both iOS and Android users can facilitate with this digital healthcare service. Physicians, patients, laboratories, medical facilities and all relevant institutions can smoothen their experiences with the help of DocEasy. For more information, visit the website

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