Next Destination, South Africa

September 2, 2019, Islamabad: In a series of recent happenings at Stella Technology, a contract between Stella Technology and Luphawu Health Africa Solutions was signed. To attend the 3rd anniversary, representatives from Luphawu Health were invited for the grand celebration. The visit proved to be fecund as both the parties ended up in signing an agreement for better healthcare in both regions. The contract augurs for a better dawn of digital healthcare by expanding the roots of Stella Equinox now in South Africa as well.

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Representing Luphawu Health Africa Solutions, their CEO Dr. Lizo David Mkhutshulwa and present at the spot. Country Manager Stella Technology, Shafiq Ahmed and CTO Stella Technology, Lin Wan joined the proceeding. “We promise to deliver better healthcare and facilitate the users with this premium solutions to the best we can”, stated Mr. Shafiq Ahmed. As a junction of both the organizations, Stella Technology will now expand its roots in Africa accompanied with the launch of Stella Equinox for telemedicine and exceptionally SMART healthcare.

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Overwhelmed with the environment and culture at Stella Technology regional office, the international delegates have planned their next trip very soon. They will be revisiting to understand the core technicalities of the solution along with their team in Africa. For Stella Equinox, it will be another dawn in a new region where it promises to benefit and expedite. Besides the patients, it also satiates the healthcare needs for the providers. With its assistance, they will be delivering their services in a more organized and authentic way to their patients.

As an achievement, Stella Technology will soon begin its operations in South Africa with the help of its lodestar product Stella Equinox. This will surely benefit for the under privileged who struggle to achieve the basic healthcare facilities.

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